Meet the Maker

Luke ChisnallMy name is Luke, I live in Taunton and have been woodworking for several years, what initially started out as a hobby is now a full-time business. I remember making furniture and wooden accessories for our home, then one thing led to another and I haven’t looked back since. Everything I make is handmade by myself, I like to use local suppliers and always try to be as sustainable as I can be in my work.

I have been an avid follower of multiple brilliant woodworkers for many years. They inspired me to begin making things for myself such as furniture, gifts and homeware. I have been making things with my hands ever since I was young and naturally followed that route in my working life.

I truly feel that having the freedom to express yourself in what you create to be the best type of reward you can get out of life. I have always worked with wood, in my working life I used to be a landscaper and this is where I began working with wood, building things such as decking projects, fencing, garden planters and bespoke sleeper benches and flower beds.

It was really from then I always wanted to work with wood and use my creativity to suit. I have always been heavily into technology and naturally I found myself pursuing a degree. During my degree I managed to work with multiple design software, where I have been able to convert when designing my new woodworking creations and developing plans.

I have been fortunate to be able to turn my working experiences toward my woodworking and I like to think this shows in my crafts. If I am not in my workshop then you’ll find me selling at various craft shows we attend throughout the year, giving my potential customers the chance to see my work in person and ask me any questions they may have.


Experiences & Achievements

Although I have found myself working with timber for the past 5 years where I started with building fences, decking, gates and pergolas during the length of my business, I have only been woodworking for the few years.

The past years of woodworking has been an amazing learning experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I decided to turn what was a hobby into a business. The thought of waking up every day and enjoying what I do start to finish was an instant appeal.

I have read many, many woodworking books, extensively watched videos and simply practice, practice and more practice. When I am not building projects for clients I set myself projects with any left over timber to ensure I am always practicing, learning and becoming better.

Professional Approach

Professional Approach

I find it very important within work and life to give 100%, I know its cliche but I attempt to transfer this mindset into all of my projects and pieces I create. I naturally feel this helps me to deliver a professional approach in business, that mixed with the fact I just love building and creating.

I like to work closely when building bespoke projects with my customers. Being approachable and flexible has certainly helped me to understand my customers requirements better during builds. This typically can involve selecting the right timber for the desired area and use, followed by a finish such as stain or varnish.